The moneymaking opportunities for cryptocurrency investors have been coming fast and furious this year, with no signs of slowing down.

From the metaverse going mainstream to new crypto mining stocks hitting the market to artificial intelligence (A.I.) tech taking over…

Our experts here at Alternative Wealth Daily have been following it all to bring you the hottest profit plays in crypto so you can position your portfolio now for massive returns to come.

Check out over 25 of our top picks for crypto investors that could give you a shot at life-changing wealth in 2022…

11 Metaverse Profit Opportunities

You may or may not want to live, work, and shop in a virtual world, but regardless of where you stand – the metaverse is getting built anyway. And with firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley predicting the metaverse market exploding to $8 trillion in the next two decades, you can bet there are plenty of ways to profit from it.

Here are 11 ways you can cash in on the metaverse today.

6 Protocol Layer Picks

When it comes to the biggest portion of your crypto investing portfolio, you need to be looking at protocol layer cryptos. Think of these as the roads and highways that connect the entire cryptocurrency space. By owning the best protocol layer cryptos today, you’ll own the infrastructure of the future. That’s how you get rich.

And Chief Crypto Strategist Nick Black is revealing six of his favorite picks for you right here.

5 Crypto Mining Stocks

Investing directly in cryptocurrencies is your best bet for getting rich – but we know many investors are looking for crypto stocks to round out their portfolio. And you’ll get more choices than ever in 2022 as more and more crypto mining stocks hit the market.

Check out these five opportunities from advisory board member David Zeiler.

2 A.I. Cryptos

Companies at the forefront of disruptive technology tend to deliver extremely lucrative returns; just ask anyone who invested in Amazon in the early 2000s. And of today’s disruptive tech, artificial intelligence (A.I.) tops the list, as PwC expects A.I. to add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

Any crypto investor needs at least one of these A.I. cryptos in their portfolio.

1 Crypto Tech Buy

By all accounts, Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) is the perfect place to start your crypto investing journey. And if you’re reading this, you likely already use Coinbase on a regular basis to make money from crypto. But there’s another way to potentially make money from this leader in crypto tech – and that’s with COIN stock. Is it a buy?

Click here to get the answer from one of our top experts.

Bonus Opportunity: Penny Coins

Crypto millionaire and Alternative Wealth Daily advisory board expert Tom Gentile has his sights set on a new generation of cryptos that could create dozens of Bitcoin (BTC)-like windfalls as early as this year. They sell for just pennies on the dollar, yet they’re quickly racking up some of the biggest gains we’ve seen anywhere – beating the gains in the stock market and gold market.

Go here now to get the details on these coins straight from Tom.

Have a great weekend,

The Alternative Wealth Daily Research Team

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