The world has changed too much to just buy a stock, hold onto it for decades, and hope that you become rich.

There are people right now who are able to retire in not decades, but just a few years, because they understand how to invest in alternative markets and generate life-changing wealth.

Like with cryptocurrencies…NFTs and digital assets…collectables…art…and much more. There’s fascination about all of those things, but there isn’t anyone out there to serve as a guide on how to profit from those markets.

Until now.

Alternative Wealth Daily was formed by a team of experts who have extensive knowledge in alternative investments.

Each week, you’ll receive actionable advice that will help you make money – not just news roundups that create FOMO or try to make you feel like you missed out.

Instead of just sitting on the sidelines hearing about everyone else getting rich, we’re now in your corner to help YOU reach your financial goals.

Meet our team of experts.

Nick Black previously worked in the gold business, and he understood why gold had value. It was a tangible asset.

So when someone close to him started mining Bitcoin, he thought it was for nerds and had no value. Still, Nick wanted to see what it was all about, and he sold 5oz of gold for just under $8,000 in 2016 and invested that in cryptocurrencies.

A year later, his investments were worth nearly $1 million. He was at the right place at the right time, but markets crashed in 2018. That’s when he got serious about understanding the true value of cryptocurrencies.

He uncovered that this was a new asset class that could mint millionaires.

Today, he’s here to show everyone his trading philosophies and here to help you find the best investments.

David Zeiler has been a journalist for more than 36 years, including 18 spent at The Baltimore Sun and 10 at Money Map Press. While Dave has covered many subjects, he has focused primarily on technology.

Dave wrote his first Bitcoin story in 2011 and was so intrigued he mined some on his home computer. Over the past decade Dave has written hundreds of articles about cryptocurrencies, looking to explain a very complex subject in terms anyone can understand.

He focuses on crypto projects he feels have the most potential, because that’s where investors will reap the biggest long-term gains. Dave also takes apart the latest trends in crypto, such as the ICO explosion and decentralized finance (DeFi). He tells his readers whether if a trend is worth bothering with – and if it is, how best to profit from it.

Tom Gentile became an early adopter in the cryptocurrency market years before analysts at Bloomberg and JPMorgan even knew it existed.

In fact, while most top investors were shrugging their shoulders at Bitcoin…

Tom was a trailblazer, mining it on his own – when it was trading for less than $100 a coin.

Now, he’s a step ahead of everyone else once again.

There are tiny digital currencies created for industries around the world that most people have never heard of.

Real estate, technology, energy, biotech, health care, financial services – you name it. They let businesses do financial transactions 1,000 times faster than the outdated technology used today – and cheaper.

He’s been trading these lesser-known coins for the last several years. He’s one of America’s leading crypto authorities – someone who has personally become a millionaire in this market from trading these once little-known coins.

Tom’s personal mission in life is now to show people like you everything he’s learned.

He wants you to break out of the grueling nine-to-five cycle and achieve the abundant life you deserve.

Helena Margarido has been a lawyer for over 15 years in Latin America. While her expertise covers Startups and New Technologies businesses, she has been very focused on the Cryptocurrency market since 2012.

Over the past years, Helena has been very active in the crypto scenario and has been responsible for Blockchain-related presentations in TedX Sao Paulo, TedX USP, the Brazilian Congress, as well as summits and other events, in Brazil and abroad (US, China).

She focuses on understanding the fundamentals behind crypto-related projects and how they may make a difference in people’s lives, bringing sort of a “crypto fundamentalist” analysis of projects that may one day go mainstream and therefore result in long-term gains.

Daniel Brody started his career in the brokerage industry, working at two leading independent brokerage firms from 2008 to 2014. He learned the intricacies of financing businesses and what it takes to build successful companies. After firmly establishing this foundation, he switched to the entrepreneur side and began building companies from the ground up.

Fast forward to 2021, he and his team have founded numerous companies and completed multiple IPOs, including The Green Organic Dutchman, where he and his partners completed the largest cannabis IPO at its time, raising $132.1 million in 2018.

Mr. Brody is currently the CEO of Elements of Green, a European CBD e-commerce marketplace, TGOD Acquisitions Corp., an investment holding company, and a founder and Director of Eat Well Group (EWG), a vertically-integrated plant-based foods company on track to generate $100 million in revenue in 2022.