This week, I want to show you two cryptocurrencies that need to be on every crypto investor’s watchlist.

One has seen significant gains over the last several days…

While the other’s price has dipped over the same time period…

So what makes these two of the hottest coins to watch this week?

That’s where my “Five Ts” framework for evaluating cryptocurrencies comes into play: team, technology, tokenomics, timing, and the problem (or “why token?”).

One of these coins is set to disrupt the entire NFT (non-fungible token) space with its technology.

The other has timing on its side, as an announcement set for tomorrow, January 20, could potentially send its price surging.

Let me give you all the details so you can see why they hit my moneymaking radar…

Crypto to Watch No. 1: LooksRare (LOOKS)

The first cryptocurrency you need to watch this week is LooksRare (LOOKS), and I’ll tell you why right here:

Crypto to Watch No. 2: NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

Other than LOOKS, the other crypto I wanted to make sure you’re watching this week is NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

There’s an announcement coming tomorrow that could make this a great trade, so make sure you check out the details below:

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Talk soon,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, Alternative Wealth Daily


11 responses to “Add LOOKS, NEAR to Your Crypto Watchlist This Week (Here’s Why)”

  1. Hello Nick,
    Joined Alternative Wealth Daily fairly recently. Just wanted to say that I have taken to your show from the very beginning. Love the info, the humor and the way you think. Still getting used to the navigation ins and outs. Frequently listening to you while on the road as my job requires a LOT of driving. Anyhow, wanted to reach out and say thanks. Looking forward to picking your brain as much as possible. I spend a whole lotta time reading and researching myself, many might say too much. If you happen over this message, wanted to request some time on the show to explain the coinbase auction process? Is this something like an pre-ICO for coinbase? Unable to join the chat during your show usually bc I’m behind the wheel. Best regards, looking forward to catching thursdays show. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  2. I tried the other day to purchase a polygon and Salerno and all the exchanges that I could find in the United States offer for a 10 coins do you know of any exchanges that have no 10 20 30 40 coins because I couldn’t find it and I’ll be I’ll be honest with you I got some cryptos in 2015 and lots changed any insight you have a term to the exchanges with a lot of coins that can be exchanged by and sold will be very helpful and sign up for your newsletter looking forward to your insight thank you

  3. I swapped out some SAND for USDT, then USDT for LOOKS on
    Now I’m trying to move the LOOKS to METAMASK …can’t seem to do it. Metamask extention on my desktop doesn’t seem to work for that. Any suggestions ??

  4. Thanks nick , when I listen to you I feel you are authentic and really just want to help folks like me while cutting the BS out . I appreciate all you do . Stay true to yourself because we love you just the way you are. Lots of love…….. loyal fan Queenie

  5. Hi Nick love your show. I have LOOKS in my MetaMask wallet but don’t know how to stake it. Can you walk me through the necessary steps? Thanks, Jerry

  6. I’ve heard that Celsius pays the highest interest/ what do u think of it? Which platform/exchange is best for Stablecoins ?

  7. I am brand new to crypto. I can’t seem to grasp how to buy coins that aren’t on an exchange like Coinbase. Is there an exchange that covers more than one or two tiny coins. Do I have to set up a payment like Coinbase? I have tried to download chrome and Metamask…very difficult for someone who is technically challenged like I am. I have Ipads but am thinking of buying a chrome book to dedicate to crypto transactions. Please help when you get some time. Thanks In advance.

  8. Nick, I believe you have addressed this in previous live podcasts, but hopefully you can revisit delegating Coins to be staked. I have recently staked NEAR and FET. I have delegated 100% of the NEAR. I was about to do the FET but both wallets warn of leaving no FET or NEAR un-staked in the wallet, so you have gas available for transactions? Should you stake 90%? If you have already staked the Max do you un-stake a portion or buy more?
    Perhaps an overview on staking paper we could read?

    Great Program and Thanks

  9. nick, on the one hand you rave about LOOKS and on the other you say it’s made of nothing. nothing but air. which is it? or is it both? please elaborate. thanks

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