With a new year kicking off, I know you have a ton of cryptocurrency trading and investing questions about how you can make the most of 2022.

I’m here to answer them for you.

So, I’m putting out a call for questions to our Alternative Wealth Daily members…

Write in the comment section at the bottom of this page, and I’ll have more shortly on where you can access my answers – which will be shared on Monday, January 10.

Talk soon,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader


63 responses to “Call for Crypto Questions (Answers Revealed on January 10)”

  1. 1. Which crypto platform can I buy all the cryptocurrencies (in just one location)?
    2. Which crypto platform pays dividends?

  2. My AGIX was on MetaMask for the first snapshot to get the airdrop. Can I now stake it on the SingularityNET Staking Portal, or will that mess up the continuity to receive the last airdrop?

  3. I have a Coinbase Pro account. Are my cryptos automatically stored in their wallet? Is metamask a better wallet to use than coinbase’s?

  4. Which sector of the crypto market do you anticipate being the leader going forward eg. defi; nft’s; gaming etc.?

  5. Which wallet to use Coinbase Wallet, Metamask Wallet or Ledger Nano?
    How do you determine the profit target price for the coins/tokens?
    How do I stake if I plan to hold crypto longer than 1 year?

  6. How do I take profit from crypto on Coinbase? Trade a coin for fiat & place it back to my original stake? Thanks.

  7. My question is : How much to allocate to the most promising crypto’s when I only have about a $1000 to invest right now?
    So far I have put around $50 on several that are supposed to be promising & have traded out the ones with higher prices for each coins that are cheap but supposed to go up this year.
    Thank you!!

  8. Which cryptocurrencies can I invest to increase my exposure to Bitcoin without buying Bitcoin? My goal is to maximize quantity. I am considering STX, BCH, BSV, BTG, and BCD. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. I am a newbie in every aspect of investment ($) whether crypto, options, etc., etc… I just opened an account with Coinbase as directed with $200 dollars as my initial account. My question(s): 1. How would I know the minimum acceptable $ that I can buy in each each coin (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT, etc.) 2. How long should I wait for a ‘result(s) to know. I know, I know….it sounded like it’s dumb and stupid to ask these questions, but that’s how it is. I am a very NEWBIE in all aspects. But, THANK YOU so much for the guidance…

  10. I have tokens in CB wallet and want to transfer them to CB Pro. How do I do that? I figured out how to get them in but now can’t get them out. Duh!

  11. Is it smart to stake Ethereum2 if it’s only $800.. what are the odds that something would go wrong. I read all the pros and cons..but still feel unsure . HELP?? Ty

  12. Is there an app,
    Or a function in crypto markets like Crypto.com
    Or Coinbase to
    Easily track what I put in on a coin initially to
    More easily see when to sell, based on amount over original investment(s).

    • Will you cover how to set up automatic sells (is that called limit orders), on Coinbase? Is that available just on Coinbase Pro?

  13. As you know, New York State is an unsupported jurisdiction within numerous exchange houses. This leaves us scrambling for a user friendly exchange. Very frustrating! I’m seeking a route to market for: ILV, AGIX, STX and HNT. Shanghai based crypto.com was suggested.
    Is crypto.com ligit? Would AWD recommend it? Thank you for your kind reply.

  14. Are the entry and exit points for nft’s similar to a stock, or the charts are different? I have held ETH and a few others for a year come Feb 22, and I am not wow’d with any of them yet……so, what am I doing wrong? I have a modest amount in each, 2000-2500.

  15. Hello Tom how are you? I’m having a heckuva time finding somewhere to buy AGIX. I went to MetaMask but I found their based out of Northern Ireland and I don’t know if that’s a very secure place where I can trust my money? (Please correct me if I’m wrong…)…Can you please help me find a secure network where I can buy this particular Crypto? Thank you so much and I appreciate all the education you provide us.

  16. Hawaii residents are not able to open a CoinBase, CoinBase Pro or Binance account.
    Would Kraken be the next best alternative? Can I purchase altcoins thru Kraken….

  17. How will the faltering USA and world economies including rising interest rates in USA affect the markets for various cryptocurrencies other than BTC?

  18. I have an Ellipal Titan cold wallet, first do you think it is secure? 2nd, i can stake in this wallet so would I use the wallet or if i go to the coins home page and stake, are the keys still in my wallet or does the coin project hold custody of my coins?

  19. How do you see the coming regulation in the USA affecting the markets as relates to bitcoin and also altcoins? Thanks in advance!

  20. Tom, I am trying to get an handle on VIDT. With NFTs, Gaming, Blockchains and DiFi coming into the headlines will VIDT still benefit. Is there a corner in the Crypto market for VIDT to shine.
    Thanks for your opinion.

      • Hi, I was on Coinbase for almost a month and tried to wire some money from my local bank into Coinbase and I couldn’t get it to work. The Continue button got stuck and wouldn’t process any further. So I started chatting to several live people over days to find out how to do it and as I was explaining it to the 6th person she took me wrong and somehow got it that I had sent Crypto off the Coinbase platform. How she got that out of what I said amazes me to this day. It just didn’t happen. I even told the support team to check the transaction logs that they keep and they could see it didn’t happen. So they suspended me from selling or buying or anything until 1/21/22. I wish you could tell me a remedy to this, but I can’t get anything but a canned response on Coinbase and you know that nobody can get through the phone lines on Coinbase to a real person.

  21. Buongiorno Tom come si fa ad individuare altcoin quasi sconosciute che possono rendere guadagni strepitosi come nel caso Shiba Inu?Grazie

  22. I am very interested in a coin named SEON which goes on sale Feb 15 [Listing SEON Coin on Public Exchange]. It looks like it has real value/utility. Any thoughts as to how good it might be? Is there any way to jump in quickly before it possibly sells out or price escalates significantly?

  23. What would you recommend as the best platform for trading crypto? I have been extremely unhappy with Coinbase and their nonexistent customer service.

  24. Pretty much all of the questions that I had in mind have already been asked by others. I anxiously await your sage wisdom on the answers you provide

  25. I joined your crypto platform and not being tech savvy I’ve yet to get a recommendation. Each email keeps asking me to join. I’ve paid my do’s how do I access what I’ve paid for??

  26. Hi Tom, can you explain a bit on how does one get started with DeFi? Also, how do we know if the projects are legit or not – are there any telltale signs we can look out for or any website we can check for its authenticity? Thank you!

  27. Hi Tom, I have a Binance.us and Coinbase account. I have been buying Crypto’s and leaving them on the Exchanges. Is it ok to do this or do I need to move them somewhere else. I do have a Trust Wallet but I have not moved any Crypto’s there.

  28. downloaded metamask. Clicked import token. I own good ole regular eth. When I typed in eth, a drop down menu asks me if its ETHBNT or VETH2(VEth2). What the hell is that? Also I dont know what network Im on. Dont want to flush my eth into the cyberspace toliet? Please explain , Thanks.

  29. The third generation coins I believe will be Cardano polkadot polygon is there any other you recommend?

  30. What is happening to the crib Ethereum is way down to $3050 dropped from 4142 are we now in a bear market should I have sold my Ethereum a while back if I have missed the parabolic should I continue to hold my Ethereum for the next run up I believe is Four or five years from nowThe third generation coins I believe will be Cardano Polkadot polygon and Solano may you recommend any other third-generation crypto‘s with bitcoin potential

  31. Hi guys,
    I live in Perth Australia and there are some crypto exchanges that will not allow me to join. Any thoughts on which exchange I should use. It appears that I need multiple exchanges to trade the wide range of coins available.
    That is a real pain!!!

    • Hi John,

      Kraken and KuCoin are both available to sign up for in Australia and are known as reputable exchanges.

      As you noted, not every coin is available to trade on every exchange.

      That does however give those an advantage who are willing to take the time to sign up for multiple accounts so that they can access the opportunities out there to make money in crypto that others aren’t willing to take the time to access by not having multiple accounts.

  32. hi Tom
    I have a few questions:
    1) Is XRP coins worth investing in because they are in litigation issue?
    2) Is ADA coin worth investing now?
    3) What is the best portfolio for crypto currency?
    4) which platforms or exchange you recommend using DEFI?
    5) How to do yield farming and which platform offers the best return within the reasonable risks?

  33. Hi Tom, how much money do you invest in stocks vs. Crypto at the present time? Would you recommend focusing the majority of an investment portfolio in Crypto rather than stocks?

  34. Looks like we all got the same question. Looking for the best wallet. My trouble with Coinbase is not associated with any of our local regional banks having to use 2 steps like PayPal.

    2022 let’s go. Rock from la.

    • Hi Ross,

      Coinbase is a reputable exchange and you will be able to buy many of the cryptocurrencies you hear about in Alternative Wealth Daily on Coinbase. If a particular cryptocurrency you want to buy is not on it, KuCoin and Kraken are two other reputable exchanges.

  35. 1) Can you publish a step-by-step staking guide for Nicks recommended assets to stake and the best exchange/platforms to stake them on?
    2) Should these assets be transferred stored and staked from wallets or can we directly stake on the exchanges?
    3) If these assets were bought on Coinbase and Kraken but better staked on one of them they weren’t directly purchased on, how to get them moved over and staked on the best one?

    Should longer-term held assets be moved to wallets or can they be kept on Coinbase/Kraken exchanges?

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