On Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. E.T., I brew a massive pot of coffee and meet you right here for my favorite Alternative Wealth Daily LIVE segment – Office Hours.

That’s when I answer crypto investing questions submitted by viewers like you so you can get the answers you need to make more money than you know what to do with.

Questions like this one from Jerry…

“Hi Nick, love your show. I have LOOKS in my MetaMask wallet but don’t know how to stake it. Can you walk me through the steps?”

I answered that one right here.

Or this one from Member 000072609943… (By the way – give us your name next time!)

“What % do you have in Bitcoin (BTC)?”

You can find the answer here.

Of course, you’re always encouraged to drop your questions in the chat during the show. But I wanted to do things a little differently this week by putting out a call for questions to all of our Alternative Wealth Daily readers.

Between now and Monday, I want you – yes, YOU – to submit any questions you have for me about crypto investing or NFTs so I can answer them during Tuesday’s Office Hours show.

Even if I don’t get to all of them on Tuesday, I’ll address as many as I possibly can throughout the week during our Thursday and Friday Alternative Wealth Daily LIVE segments as well.

Tell me what you want to know by commenting on this post before Monday…

Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you next week.

Take care,

Nick Black

Chief Crypto Strategist, Alternative Wealth Daily


58 responses to “Crypto Investors: What Questions Do You Need Answered? Submit Them Here Before Monday”

  1. With the threat by the current administration to investigate and regulate the cryptocurrency market in the US, how should we approach further investment: wait until more detail is announced, continue with no concern or some other strategy? Thanks

    • I feel we should have groups or be made aware how we can get our voices heard about this! Rather than sit back and wait to be ruled over!! We The People need to speak up and let them know how many of us there are!! Tired of waiting and letting them come up with all these rules and regulations and taxation with out representation!!

  2. What is your plan if the Government bans bit coin and crypto and makes everyone use a digital currency that they can trace and require taxes to be paid. The majority of people do not like or understand crypto and don’t want to use it.

  3. this is my second time request ; should I hold or sell all investments in GALA OMG and ARPA
    Please take tie to answer. Thank You. Billy Caudron

    I own OMG in Coinbase Pro. I did Not put it in a “wallet” because I was not aware I had to. Now I’m trying to sell some and it’s asking for the OMG address which of course I do not know. Can you Please explain slowly so I can do this the correct way?

  5. Hello Mr. Nick Black, this is Christopher Lanzotti from New York, Not sure of my member number, I have been listening to many different sources and I hear Joe Biden has plans on using his powers to put an executive order on crypto regulations. I think regulations are good of course, specially with all the thievery and degenerate gamblers, I like the transparency of defy but do you honestly think that the government can allow the powerful banks to lose their power and allow crypto to take off. I think it’s a hard thing to stop the banks, but it needs to happen when most of the world especially places that never had the ability for loans like South America and Africa. I started the market on 12 November when Bitcoin was at the top by joining you’re AWN program. Since then, I have been investing about 1000 a week price averaging when bitcorn was 63K, well now I have about 14K but I am 32% down. Thanks to your advice I am not in a worse situation, but I am very positive and looking forward to reality to rocket to the moon with these cryptos. Like you said I’m invested in quality assets which will move north so I am not sweating it but man this is a rough time to get started in crypto the last 70 days! BTC 19.4%, ADA 19.0%, ETH 10.0%, DOT 8.2%, ALGO 7.9%, ATOM 6.2%, FET 5.6%, AGIX 5.3%, XLM 4.3%, OMG 3.7%, ENJ 3.4%, LINK 3.4%, OX 3.3%, GRT 0.9%. Thanks for all your help, I look forward to your next podcast, say hi to Eric(fellow NYer), see you on Tuesday bye CTL

  6. Hey Nick Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions mate
    well I have been thinking about NFT trades but understand nil about them
    So if buy an NFT from an exchange are they a straight out purchase or must one
    go through the loops like mint or mine them
    and than have it sit on the exchange and hopefully increase in value
    if that is so can one than just sell them via the exchange or are they than put up for Auction ?
    thank you
    Allan J with old eyes

  7. Hey Nick, Neil Here.
    What are your thoughts on this one?

    “But if we had to pick a best-guess price target for ether in two years’ time — aiming for, say, first quarter 2024 — we would go with somewhere below a hundred bucks.”

    Posted as the end of a column by Justice Clark Litle, Chief Research Officer, TradeSmith
    poking fun at an article titled “Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Expects Ether to Soar Over 7,000% and Hit a $20 Trillion Market Cap by 2030.”

    Just wondering. 😉

  8. Totally different coin. At your suggestion couple months ago, I have purchased SingularityNet coins and had stored them on Metamask. I am currently so confused. Please response in a way a six year old can follow, if you know what I mean :))). How do I stake them in order to be rewarded?

  9. hi, if you have bit coins
    how you keep them safe and invest for more profits , i heard a lot but don’t know how they doing it would you answer it , and also others coin base too !
    thanks in advance for your kindness !

  10. Hi!!
    I wanted to ask if you only have say $1200 to invest in Crypto’s is it better to spread the money over a few highly recommended altcoins so there is a higher amount when coins take off or have money spread over all recommended coins thus in smaller amounts? I have noticed it’s hard to keep up with having 36 different type coins as far as watching for the time to sell. The coins I bought when I started Nov/Dec 2021 were higher than start of Jan. I missed a couple I could have doubled my money. I really want to wait for more than just doubling but don’t want to miss.
    Sorry so long. My first question to Alternative Wealth Network.
    Thank you!!

  11. I’m interested in the stability and risks of stable coins. In particular, anchor protocol offers 20% on UST. As a fixed income investment, this would be a no brainer. Other than the APR changing, what risks should I be concerned with?

    Related to this is that I’d be interested in Nick’s view on LUNA and it’s ecosystem. It’s been one of the better performing layer 1 protocols.

  12. How do I take a portion of my IRA and move it to crypto IRA?

    How do I create a coin format? I have a website with content that is perfect for NFT’s and education.

  13. Hi Nick, I love listening to you and all that you offer us but I’m having a hard time understanding KuCoin and how to make it work? I did buy some AGIX, when I first started listening to you, on KuCoin. I can log back in but that’s it – it seems I need some trading number and a 2-FA # and I’m can’t find either? I’m really stuck and it seems hopeless. I really wanted to get more AGIX and maybe use KuCoin for some other tokens also? I have ALL my other coins with Coinbase as it’s very user friendly but I can’t stake my Fetch or ADA on Coinbase and that is of interest to me. Can you help or is there someone someplace that I can call to talk me through it. I don’t feel like I’m getting the most for my $$ on Coinbase?
    Thanks you guys

  14. Nick,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time every week to help educate us on crypto and NFT’s. I have really learned a lot and I really appreciate it.

    1. Can you tell me what (1) minting means, (2) show us how to verify a NFT on NFTX and how to (3) post it on Looks.org? I bought a Phunky Ape Yacht Club on NFTX but I think it’s in my metamask but I don’t know where or how to (4) get it off and post it on Looks.org.

    Nick or Eric
    2. I bought more FET and have old FET delegated on cosmostation from months ago when you last walked us through the bridge to get 20%, but how do I “combine” my new FET to the old delegated FET that I staked months ago. I put the new FET on cosmostation but the new FET just says “Available” (and the new amount), where the old FET says “Delegated (and a old different amount). How do I combine the old FET with the new FET in the “SAME” DELEGATED POOL? Do I have to put the new FET in a different delegation or can I combine it with the old delegated FET

    Hope you understand my questions. You are welcome to email me the answers if you have time. Thank you again

  15. Thanks for the opportunity. We don’t often get such a generous invitation. Many of us are frustrated by not being able to get help when we need it. I’m trying to learn to use Metamask to help purchase Looksrare and stake them. I’ve been successful in setting it up and funding it with my credit card ($200 of ETH required), but I have had trouble getting back to it when I wanted to work with it (I was able to use a shortcut key that worked but there has to be a better way of addressing and accessing it. Also, the Transac tool that advertises ability to let us use bank accounts to fund the Metamask doesn’t seem to offer it when I try to implement it. They only seem to support a credit card for the initial $200 but not subsequently for additional $$$ using bank account transfers. I may be missing the correct way to use Transac but without your help I can’t seem to find it. I love your show but hope I never have to meet you in a dark alley based on your experiences with martial arts and special forces -:). Keep up the great work. We need more honesty and straightforward reporting and commentary when it is knowledgeable as it is in your case. See you on Tuesday (although it’s early in California).

  16. Best show on the planet!!
    I have started buying more and more layer 1 assets, thinking that is the area with greatest growth percentage in near future. Unfortunately now Bitcoin in my portfolio is not the major asset it used to be and I’m worried its unbalanced? In your opinion should i not take this much of a risk with layer 1 assets?

    Tom in Naples Fl

  17. How and where do you stake FET? Can you stake AGIX while it is in MetaMax and getting Air drops? I think lots of future sessions on buying and staking would be useful for everyone.

  18. Hi Nick,
    I understand from your comments that it is a good idea to stake “ONE”, what is the best way to do it ?
    Thank you

  19. Considering the current market and political conditions we are facing, do you anticipate a price recovery in the near future for the following cryptos/meme coins:
    Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Stellar,
    Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Fetch.ai, Zilliqa, Dogelon Mars, AMP, Algorand, Matic, Hedera Hashgraph, Saitama, Luffy, Vechain, Decentraland, Evergrow Coin, Quantstamp.

  20. I am new to crypto. I have set up a Coinbase account, Coinbase Pro account, and a Metamask wallet. Does Coinbase connect to Metamask? If you are trading crypto for the short term and not buy and holding would transfer the crypto to Metamask? The other day Uniswap was mentioned. Is this the exchange for coins not currently on Coinbase? Thanks, Newbie with a lot of questions.

  21. From Bobbie T
    Hello Nick!
    – #1 Question: Is Bitcoin Cash worth holding or selling?
    – #2 Question: I, like others, have Shiba Inu in Metamask and am holding more than the minimum of 2500 tokens and deposited prior to the 5 Jan 2022 cut-off. When / How do I receive the AirDrop(s) as I have not yet received this/these?
    Thank you.

  22. My question isn’t so much about crypto itself, but the effect of making the money from it:
    Once you have made a “significant” amount of profit how do you manage it, and is it managed like any other stock profit? Where can you find a good accountant that is knowledgeable about financial profits from crypto? Do you’d need a tax attorney?
    Do you have any suggestions as to a good crypto accountant?
    And, what do you think of CRT’s regarding the large profit from crypto?
    Apologies for the run on questions, but they all relate to each other. Thank you and love the show.

  23. I have a Coinbase and a Hotbit account. At present I buy USDT at Coinbase using my bank account. Then if I want to invest in LOOKS, I transfer it to Hotbit. Once in Hotbit, I then invested in LOOKS, at a 500% APY. After watching your video, I see LOOKSRARE.ORG, offers 600%+/-. 1. How do I buy/invest in LOOKS on their site? Is it similar to my present situation, where I have to transfer an asset to LOOKSRARE or can I deposit money straight from by bank into LOOKSRARE?
    2. You are saying LOOKS will cut their APY soon. What happens to my current investment earning 500%, does it stay the same or will it adjust to the new rate?
    3. What is your prediction for cryptos if Russia and or China invade Ukraine/Taiwan?
    Note: it appears the crypto market has fed off of the easy money and had a bad reaction to the FED’s Powell intention to tighten money supply. Sounds like you are still optimistic about the future of cryptos? Also, just a heads up, when people like me start getting into cryptos, it’s a sign the party is over! Just saying!!

  24. It turns out that Metamask doesn’t support Bank Transfers. Only credit cards or transfers from another coin type. That really is a weak spot. Why in the world can’t Metamask support Bank Transfers?

  25. Hi Nick! What are the best platforms to stake each coin that will give most profit?

    Specifically for ADA, ATOM, FETCH and DOT

  26. Hello Nick,
    Enjoy watching you although I have hearing impairment and sometimes have difficulty following you. I hear you talk about Metamask and not sure how and why I should use it. I only recently started getting into Crypto and want to maximize my investments. I will be watching

  27. HI nick
    have you heard of a new token the platfoprm is world crypto life and the Imc token . They use global voucher’s as a form of payment G points I thought was quite clever. If you have anything on it it would be greatly appreciated .

  28. Hi Nick, I missed the Nunear airdrop by 4 hours. My AGIX is in my metamask wallet. Do I just wait for the second airdrop opportunity? Thanks much. William.

  29. Hello Nick,
    I have 2 questions about 2 different staking platforms.
    Do you think the Atomic Wallet website for staking is a legit site.
    For Alogorand, I see Algorand has a website for their own wallet, wallet.myalgo.com do you think is a good way to stake and but this crypto?

    Thank you so much,

  30. We are putting more and more on NEXO for the staking rewards. Depending on your thoughts, the plan is to move 15% – 20% of our portfolio there. I have read their insurance information, and although they tout their $375M in insurance (seems to include service-supply chain 3rd party Insurance) – that really isn’t a lot for $4B in assets they control (plus those numbers are old, website has not been updated since February). They had originally stated they wanted to be at $1B 2021 Year end – but doesn’t seem like they made it.

    What are your thoughts on the platform risk related to NEXO? And, if you don’t mind sharing, what percentage of your portfolio do you have at Nexo? — Thanks, Jack & Denise Todd

  31. Can you make money just buying and holding crypto. Or is options the only way to really make Money on crypto? Also do you offer any services as far as helping someone in there crypto account to be sure that everything is in it’s best possible investments?

  32. As a new baby Crypto investor I would like to know if and when the leadership in the US Government [ or the Feds] are going to ban Cryptocurrency or either place burdensome regulations on it ?

    I ask this because of the actions taken by Russia and even China – who have ALL but banned Cryotos in their countries.

    Thank you very much ;


  33. What do you think are the best crypto passive income opportunities? I’m using Nexo and Blockfi to earn interest (along with LOOKS) but also bought a THOR node and looking at other node options (Strongblock, Flux, etc).

  34. Thanks Nick for you informative sessions,
    I bought $200 of ONE with my debit card on Kucoin. It never showed up in my account. I have the transaction #, from and to addresses. Is it lost or can I somehow retrieve it??
    Thank you!!

  35. Hello Nick, this is Chris Lanzotti, I am trying to move some Algorand algo to my hard wallet. I am having trouble finding the coin, when I researched it, it says algo land token but I don’t think that’s it and then I’ve seen algo ERC20. I thought it was its own blockchain not in the Ethereum block chain. Because I am new at this I am worried I will send it to the wrong address so I’m very cautious I checked out my meta mask wallet and I saw the contract address with the Google search over on etherscan and it shows it as max supply 1,855.1 it should be 10bil. Any help on info about this coin would be appreciated thank you ctl

  36. Hi Nick,
    Enjoy your show. I recently added Looksrare to my MetaMask acct. They show up on etherscan.io but not in my wallet. What is the process for wallet listing. Thanks

  37. Hi Nick,
    Enjoy your show. Purchased Looksrare I’m Metamax acct. It is listed in etherscan.io only but not in wallet. How can wallet listing be accomplished . Thanks

  38. Nick, where do you stand with Compound and OMG as assets held for next 12 mos. They have shown up and recommended in research reports.

  39. I had originally submitted to try to find out if it makes sense to convert (via Coinbase) one crypto to another, in lieu of purchasing with fiat money, if you have no cash to invest with? Thx

  40. I’m trying to buy Looks on Looksrare by transfering ETH tokens using Uniswap. When it asks for Confirm I click on it and then it churns away forever but never accomplishes the transfer. What the heck is happening? Why isn’t it doing the transfer so I can stake the Looks? Ugh !!!

  41. I believe have have an incredible imagination and vision for some amazing NFT art. Do you believe it would be possible to see some individual pieces of original art having nothing prior or it being attached to anything other then my name etc.. (If this makes sense)

    and btw! What kind of price tag could an incredible piece of original digital art sell for???

    Thanks for your 2 cents x1Trillion!;) <3

  42. Hi Nick,
    I stumbled across a new (to me) coin called Bitgert(Brise) which I heard will give Cardano a run for it’s money by the end of the year. Is this on your watchlist yet and do you have any thoughts on the speed of their anticipated transactions? One more question, how legit is pancakeswap?


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