Most people are ecstatic if they make a 50% return in a year with a stock, but with cryptocurrency investing, you can make a 50% return in a day.

That’s not an abnormal return in crypto, either.

But the problem is that folks are getting in their own way and hitting the sell button for the meager gain. And it is a meager gain compared to the profits long-term cryptocurrency investors can make.

Think about all the people who had Bitcoin when it was $1 and sold it for $20…

Or who held it at $500 and sold it for $1,000…

Or who even sold all their Bitcoin when it hit $20,000, then watched it climb to $60,000…

At every point along the way, if you took your profits off the table, you would’ve been left behind.

I don’t want you to think small and be happy skimming small gains off the top.

That’s why I say don’t come to this space just to make $20.

I want you to make life-changing wealth, and I’m here to help you do just that.

You’re a member of Alternative Wealth Daily now, so it’s time to think bigger.

I’ll explain exactly what I mean in this short video clip so you never get left behind again…

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I’ll talk to you soon,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, Alternative Wealth Daily


11 responses to “Don’t Come to the Crypto Space to Make $20. Think Wealthy, Be Wealthy”

  1. Thank you Nick for sharing your expertise with us. Eric makes the team complete. You guys rock.

  2. I started “messing” with crypto last April; and I knew pretty much nothing. I thought trading would be cool and I could hit one and maybe double my $100 or $200. I made some money to start, but that quickly turned to dust, as Nick would say. When I found Nick, a couple months ago, I totally changed my thought process in the crypto world. NOW, I’m an investor in crypto and really looking forward to what can happen for the future. I’m also learning a lot along the way.

  3. Made 450% on Shib. It’s dropping now. Prob down to 250% hard to sell when it’s going up. I’ll hold for a bit see if it goes back up

  4. I love listening to Nick talk about the Crypto market. Question- if one has $1000 to invest in Crypto, is it better to go all in on one or two or spread that $1000 around and buy many different coins?

  5. I am in to make Life Changing wealth! So glad I found AWD and you Nick, love listening to you and your straight forward approach 🙂 Katy

  6. how do I who knows nothing about buying bitcoin or ethereum get started?? Will I be able to access the training videos as promised when I joined AW??

  7. Thank you Nick and Eric for your Very Helpful knowledge in cryptocurrency‘s and Life suggestions.. I’m a Big believer in positive thinking as what we think from within many times is what comes about in our lives, appreciate all your thoughts 👍🏻👍🏻 you guys make a Great team! THANKFUL for you 🙂

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