One of the hottest cryptocurrencies I’m watching right now is LooksRare (LOOKS).

It’s set to disrupt the NFT (non-fungible token) space’s biggest marketplace by doing what OpenSea does, but better. Much better.

Because instead of requiring its users to pay Ethereum (ETH) or WETH (wrapped Ethereum) trading fees and never see that money again, LooksRare is taking those fees and giving them back to the community through staking rewards.

Not only are you earning rewards from staking your LOOKS token, you’re earning rewards from WETH, too.

As of this writing, LOOKS staking rewards are averaging at an incredible 606.49% APR (annual percentage rate) – proving that even when the markets are down, there are always opportunities to make money in crypto.

Now, I know that ever since we told you to add LOOKS to your moneymaking watchlist, many of you have had questions about exactly how you can start earning those LOOKS staking rewards for yourself.

I’m going to break that down for you in just a moment.

But there’s a twist.

Before you run out and hit “buy,” you also need to see this new strategy for maximizing your returns…

How to Stake LOOKS

First, as promised, I’ll show you how to stake LOOKS below:

But WAIT. That’s not all.

I know that 600%-plus APR is exciting and you’re probably itching to get started. But there’s something else you need to know before you make a move on LOOKS.

Just this morning on Alternative Wealth Daily LIVE, I revealed my updated strategy for maximizing your returns that you need to see.

Check it out:

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to bring you even more crypto opportunities on Alternative Wealth Daily LIVE.

Make sure you join me right here at 11:30 a.m. E.T., and don’t forget to drop me a line in the chat – I love hearing from you!

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Until then,

Nick Black

Chief Crypto Strategist, Alternative Wealth Daily

P.S. Ready to learn more about crypto staking? Click here to find out how you can earn staking rewards on Coinbase. Then, check out our full guide on how to stake Cardano (ADA) by clicking here.


7 responses to “How to Stake LOOKS with a New Strategy for Maximizing Your Returns”

  1. Hey Nick, First THANK YOU for everything you and the team bring us! I can’t believe what I learn from you and at such a bargain! Research is so hard to find. Where can I go to stay up on the tokens and staking! Everything is moving at break neck speed! Thanks a millionaire!

  2. Hi, whats the best way to actually stake Looks once Im ready. I know you mentioned to go through Metamask which I’ve created an acct but don’t know what else to do, thx….

  3. Hey Nick,
    First I want to thank you for showing us how to stake LOOKS. I’m amazed at the Yield I’m getting. I hope it will stay like this the whole year. It’s almost too good to be True !!!
    What I want to ask is what to do about the COLLECT part of the WETH.
    Please explain how it works. Also, you said today that you don’t have WETH in your wallet. Do you swap it for ETH? If yes do they charge Gas for the swap?
    The last question is not in relation to Staking , but maybe you can help me. Which Accounting program do you recommend for tracking and reporting the transactions and profit of Crypto.

  4. HEY NICK!!!
    1. KUDOS for being such a “Straight Shooter”! Despite my “Going Down the CRYPTO Rabbit Hole of Education” Quite Deeply (see details BELOW)—I find your content to be REFRESHING & UNIQUE! Although this was my First Time Watching your content, please be assured that you will be At the Top of My “TO WATCH” Lists in the future.
    2. Clearly, you are not afraid to give your frank views of the CRYPTO+ “Good, Bad & Ugly”.
    3. I am Grateful that — A Prominent CRYPTO Advisor such as You,— is Naming NAMES & Taking NO PRISONERS.
    4. Is it OK If I say that “Finally, some CRYPTO Public Figure has some BALLS?”
    5. In addition to my representing Celebrities/HNWIs as International General Counsel for 40 years–for the past few years, I have been studying every available, worthwhile CRYPTO educational resource (& in the course of so doing, have collected several CRYPTO Expert Certifications from Interaxis; the Kohler Group (attorneys, CPAa,; Digital Assets Counsel; Onramp Investing CFP Trainings (pending); PlannerDAO).
    6. For my CRYPTO clients, I have ***THREE GOALS***—(1) “EARN” (same as All investment advisors–but, unfortunately, those Advisors Neglect my other Two Goals–Which are Equally As IMPORTANT)-i.e. (2) TO “KEEP” (taxes, entity structures, etc.) & (3) TO “PROTECT” (asset protection. legacy planning, etc.).

  5. Glad I purchased this video tutorials very happy I already see myself purchasing more from you guys I love the fact that he was talking like a regular guy that his account wasn’t super huge whale or nothing show me what he did it means a lot it also shows regular guys like then we can do it. make money that is, you’re actually helping us through this thank you very much and please continue to do your videos like this giving information like this not with some long drawn out process that you have to find this is the way to go

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