Nick Black is the Head Crypto Strategist of Alternative Wealth Daily.

Being in the gold business, Nick understood why gold had value. With Bitcoin, he thought it was just something nerds talked about and that cryptocurrencies had no value. But when someone close to him started mining Bitcoin, he wanted to find out more on what it was all about.

He sold 5oz of gold for nearly $8,000 in 2016, and put all of that into a handful of cryptocurrencies.

Fast forward one year later, and that $8,000 investment was worth nearly $1 million.

Nick was in the right place at the right time, but when cryptocurrency prices took a hit in 2018, that’s when he really dove in to study the market.

He realized that this was a new asset class and it had the potential to mint a new class of millionaires.

By following the lessons he learned and just a little bit of effort on your own to become a student of investing, Nick believes anyone can reach their financial goals.